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Please note that if your situation is an EMERGENCY and you require advice as a matter of urgency then please attend the Bureau’s Drop-in session or access advice via or use the telephone advice service

We need to record information about you to help with your enquiry. We have a legitimate interest to do so. When we record and use your personal information we:

  1. Only access it when we have a good reason
  2. Only share what is necessary and relevant
  3. Don’t sell it to commercial organisations.

You can find more information on how we collect and use your personal information here

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We gather information about you to ensure we are able to help you most effectively. The information you give us, is recorded securely into our system and will not be shared with anyone without your consent and or where it is required to do so by law. Below are the three different consents we seek from you.

I agree to the Citizens Advice service recording information about me

Recording details of your case allows us to help you with your problem. We have to ask for your permission to record your information on our database.

I agree to the Citizens Advice service sharing my personal information with organisations so that I can be contacted to give feedback

We collect feedback to try to provide the best service we can. If you are happy to give feedback, you would be contacted by Citizens Advice or a trusted research organisation. We need your permission to share your contact details with them. We only share what is absolutely necessary.

I agree to the Citizens Advice service sharing my personal information with other advice providers for efficient appointments and referrals to help me with my problems

Sometimes we suggest a referral for you to another organisation who can help you. We can help you get an appointment and give the organisation the information you've given us so you don't have to repeat yourself.