Who is it for? – People with a long lease of a Southwark Council property or freeholders of ex-Southwark Council properties.

This Project, funded by Southwark Council and the Homeowners Council, provides free, independent and confidential information and advice on:

  • Challenging annual service charges and major works payment demands; e.g., if you think the council is spending and charging too much on services or major works.
  • Rights to be consulted and provided with information.
  • Challenging the standard of services or building works that you think are not value for money.
  • Neglect of the building or estate which is affecting your property.
  • Understanding you rights and responsibilities under the lease / freehold transfer.
  • The Council’s repair obligations.
  • Applications to Southwark Council’s Arbitration Tribunal or the First-Tier Tribunal (formerly known as LVT).

If you are a Southwark Council homeowner with any kind of query, contact us. We may be able to help.

Funded by Southwark Council

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