Research & Campaigns

Social Policy Campaigning

Social policy work is undertaken by every Citizens Advice in the country. As well as giving advice to individual clients, all workers and volunteers collect evidence of practices and policies which are causing problems. Our knowledge of clients’ problems and circumstances enables us to try to influence change and get a fairer deal for everyone.

Citizens Advice collects evidence and statistics anonymously so that individual clients are not identified. We use this information to produce reports and to campaign locally and nationally for improvements in services and in the law by:

  • Highlighting issues to MPs, Assembly Members, Councillors and other policy makers.
  • Talking to our local Council about their services and attending forums and meetings.
  • Discussing problems with organisations and companies to persuade them to improve their services.
  • Campaigning on social issues, such as availability of NHS dentists, better transport and banking facilities.

Our social policy work has included reports on mental health and social exclusion, clients experience of debt, exploitation of migrant workers, access to justice and legal help. For more information about Citizens Advice social policy work and publications please go to

Universal Credit campaign

Following a national campaign to try and halt the roll-out of Universal Credit, Citizens Advice Southwark was invited to present evidence in support of our campaign to a parliamentary committee. We were represented at the meeting by the Advice Services Manager, Nicola Smith, who answered questions from the committee members and detailed our clients’ experiences.

As an organisation, we continue to gather evidence of the hardship caused by the payment delays associated with Universal Credit and recently we wrote to all three constituency MPs, asking them to support our campaign.

Parliament TV video from the hearing held on the 13th of September: