Who is it for? – People with a long lease of a Southwark Council property or freeholders of ex-Southwark Council properties.

This Project, funded by Southwark Council and the Homeowners Council, provides free, independent and confidential information and advice on:

  • Challenging annual service charges and major works payment demands; e.g., if you think the council is spending and charging too much on services or major works.
  • Rights to be consulted and provided with information.
  • Challenging the standard of services or building works that you think are not value for money.
  • Neglect of the building or estate which is affecting your property.
  • Understanding you rights and responsibilities under the lease / freehold transfer.
  • The Council’s repair obligations.
  • Applications to Southwark Council’s Arbitration Tribunal or the First-Tier Tribunal (formerly known as LVT).

If you would like some information or advice from us please phone our dedicated Homeowners number on 0207 237 9532 or our public telephone advice number on 080 8278 7849.

If you would prefer to email us, please fill out our homeowners enquiry form.

Or, if you are an organisation, you may wish to make a referral for a client.

Funded by Southwark Council

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