Forum for Equalities & Human Rights in Southwark (FEHRS)

The Vision for FEHRS

To champion a fair and equal society in Southwark by promoting diversity, tolerance and understanding with the aim of working towards the elimination of discrimination.

As part of our role for the Southwark Legal Advice Network, we have been awarded a contract by Southwark Council to provide a critical friend to the Council around Equalities and Human Rights issues, and support the delivery and development of Equalities & Human Rights in Southwark.

The role will include the following functions:

  • Policy and challenge
  • Information and briefing to the Voluntary and Community Sector
  • Consultation and partnership

In order to fulfil this role, the Forum for Human Rights and Equalities in Southwark was launched in January 2011.

The Forum is open to all community agencies in the Borough. It will meet at least quarterly, and develop and oversee implementation of a work plan.

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The Forum will be facilitated by the Strategic Support Coordinator, Tim Clark –

For any queries relating to FEHRS, please contact Operations – (Please note we do not give advice through this email)

We will aim to get back to all requests within two working days.